How to Cancel The Shopping With Installments Made by Credit Card?


Banks use credit or debit card transactions on the same principle. In all your credit card transactions, you can apply to the product you bought in the store on the day of purchase, invoice of the product, slip (sales document) and credit card and you can have the officials withdraw the payment on the same day. ibgplay.org for further explanation

This transaction is called a cancellation of a credit card. If you have not applied within the same day and the day has passed, the transaction is called a refund, not a cancellation. Credit card purchases can be refunded in two ways according to the agreement of the company.


You can request cancellation from the store

You can request cancellation from the store

For the transactions over the day, the authorized person of the store enters the system with your slip confirmation code and date using the cancellation – refund section for the cancellation of the installment shopping made by credit card. In this way, it provides a comparison between the amount written on the pos device and the amount written on the slip.

If there is no problem, it cancels the shopping. Then the first slip to the customer, the second slip to the workplace. If your credit card has been debited by that date, the corresponding payments will be on your statement minus and plus and take each other. For cancellations made on the same day, no payment will be charged to your card.

Small companies, on the other hand, request to be processed by petition for the cancellation of installments made by credit card. If you have made such a request from the shop and you want to cancel the shopping, you must apply to the store to write a petition.

In response to this request, the store will write a petition to the bank of the pos device using the card using an A4 paper. The date of the transaction, the name of the card holder, the total amount of the transaction, the copy of the slip, the name of the company official, the signature and the stamp of the company are attached to the petition and faxed to the bank’s directorate. It is usual for cancellations that take place a little longer.


If the account cut-off date has passed


If the credit card used by the customer during the purchase has expired, payment is made for that period. In the following months, the monthly installment amount appears to be the plus balance on the statement of the period. This amount is deducted from the total balance on the credit card transaction is made.

It can usually take up to 15 days to complete a cancellation of a credit card installment. For this reason, it is very important that you follow up your extras from your extras due to the cancellation.

If you have a problem with the authorization during the follow-up from the workplace or the bank of the pos device using the credit card, you must return to the store where you are shopping. Lastly, in order to claim your credit card installment cancellations, you must make a copy of the stamped and signed petition copy.