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Agos has always been a leading company in granting credit to families. Agos provides customers with a vast amount of loans that we can divide into two main types: personal ones and those that are finalized. Thanks to the convenient financing simulator made available by Agos, you can get a quote to calculate the installment directly online. One of the advantages most appreciated by those requesting an Agos loan is to be able to obtain the sum in just 48 hours from the approval of the practice.


As you know, personal loans, such as the famous Agos rataweb, are those that are granted without asking the reason for the request for money: in short, it is money that is paid without asking for the reason . Instead when we talk about targeted loans we refer to a sum of money that can be requested for a specific reason or purpose, such as the purchase of a car, the payment of studies, the renovation of the house, loans for the study after the university, for the holidays, for health and so on.

The Agos loans meet the needs of customers, and therefore are highly customizable and estimates can be requested directly online to find out which one best fits your needs and requirements. We try to find out more about this important financial and the financing that is provided.


The best personal loans Agos


The best personal loans Agos

Among the Agos online loans we can remember the main ones and the most used ones:

  • ContoPIM consists of a really fast and rapid financing line, preferred by all those who want to get a small amount of money, up to 3,100 euros, in very limited times.
  • Loan Agos Consolidation : consists of a product that allows the customer to combine, in a single installment, all the loans already in progress, and then to agree on the duration of the loan and the amount of the monthly installment.
  • Agos Duttilio is one of the most famous products that is offered by this credit company. This is an extremely flexible loan that is well suited to the various needs of the applicant: it can be used to request loans of between 2,000 and 30,000 euros, which can be repaid in monthly installments that can be modified according to the client’s needs. Not only that: Duttilio also allows you to skip a loan installment without any penalty being applied.
  • Small Loans for a loan request of a few thousand euros, with extremely affordable and interesting interest rates.


How the Agos loan simulator works


How the Agos loan simulator works


Online, thanks to the Agos loan simulator, you can find out which loan is best suited to your needs, to the repayment plan, to the fact that you need a loan finalized or not finalized. The estimates for the Agos credit are always fast, free, and allow you to know in advance what will be the repayment plan of the installments in order to better customize the characteristics of your loan, be it personal or finalized.

You can request a loan with Agos online to buy any consumer goods you need, be it a car (new or used), an appliance or anything else. At the same time, you can also apply for a loan to renovate your home or to have cash. You can request up to € 30,000 and get the money within 48 hours of the approval of the practice.


Loans for young couples


Agos proposes funds specifically designed for young couples who need access to credit for family projects. From the honeymoon to the wedding expenses, as well as the renovation of an apartment. In each of these cases, the financial companies propose solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of young couples. These are credit access products with extremely interesting conditions that can be requested both online and directly in Agos branches.

Agos loan of 5 thousand euros


Agos loan of 5 thousand euros


Here is a hypothesis of Agos financing of 5 thousand euros. Here below the repayment plan:

Repayment in 12 installments


from € 432.10 4.91% 8.56%

Repayment in 24 installments

from € 221.40 4.94% 7.39%

Repayment in 36 installments

from € 151.20 4.94% 6.96%

Repayment in 48 installments

from € 116.10 4.92% 6.71%

Repayment in 60 installments

from € 95.10 4.92% 6.57%

Repayment in 72 installments

from € 81.10 4.91% 6.46%

Repayment in 84 installments

from € 71.20 4.93% 6.41%

Repayment in 96 installments

from € 68.60 6.90% 8.42%

Repayment in 108 installments

from € 62.90 6.90% 8.37%

Repayment in 120 installments

from € 58.40 6.91% 8.33%

Obviously to get feedback and to have the interest rates updated it is necessary to go to the agos.it site and make a simulation. Only the simulator on the official website of the financial company can give an updated indication in real time on the interest rates actually applied on personal loans.

And have you ever tried the Agos simulator? Have you made a quote to calculate the online payment? Let us know in the space below dedicated to comments and opinions!