Personal Loans are part of the category of non-finalized loans or without obligation of destination .

With personal loans does not need to specify the way in which the sum of money required will be used as, on the contrary, they provide for specific loans, linked to the purchase of a good or service.

An example could be useful to clarify the concept.

Assuming that you want to organize an event, you could go to a bank or finance company to request a personal loan, without specifying what you are actually going to pay once the required amount has been paid. You can use the personal loan to pay for the catering, the location, the music or none of this and pay the money to your current account, reimbursing the amount obtained divided into monthly installments.

Personal Loans can therefore vary their size according to the contractor’s request, which undertakes to settle the debt contracted with the bank or credit institution through monthly fixed-rate installments.

In general, access is not subject to the presentation of real guarantees (such as liens or mortgages) although it may happen that the credit institution requires the signing of a bill of exchange to limit the risk of insolvency; however the most common form of guarantee in the case of a personal loan is the signature of a guarantor.


Personal loans : how to choose the right one

personal loans

Individuals can request personal loans, excluding the possibility that the loan may concern the professional or business activity.

The offer for personal loans is varied, the solutions are many and varied, so if you are looking for a loan informed about DFG Bank to get all the information you need to make the best choice.


Sale of the fifth Personal Loan, the solid and affordable loan

Sale of the fifth Sondrio, the solid and affordable loan

The transfer of the fifth Personal Loan is a form of personal loan that provides for a maximum payment equal to 20% of the salary or pension.

With the transfer of the fifth Personal Loan the sum due is automatically withheld from the salary, thus guaranteeing a safer and more punctual payment for the credit institution and less liability for the borrower.

For this reason it can also be used by “bad payers” since it presents greater guarantees of solvency. Moreover, this type of “non-finalized” loan allows the contractor to access the loan without having to specify the reason for which he needs the money.

Since 2006 the legislation provides for the possibility of accessing this type of financing also to BC Pensioners. It is necessary to have a contributory or survivor pension. Invalidity pensions or minimum pensions are not eligible.